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Tips to Green your daily life

Posted by Sofia Kadoch

Our impact on the environment is growing and it’s time for each of us to rethink our everyday actions and what that means for our planet in so many ways.

Try calculating your environmental footprint to assess your personal impact on the environmentand see where you can make small changes to help better the planet. With the plethora of environmentally smart ideas and products on the market, going green can be easy. 

Do Shop locally. Visit your neighbourhood farmers’ market and support your community.

Don’tBuy international fruit. The fuel used to transport and shipping the product can be wasteful and environmentally damaging.

Do Buy a stainless steel water bottle. You can refill it with water from your tap or from your water filter dispenser.

Don’t Purchase bottled water. Bottles expendenergy in the manufacturing process, transportation and distribution. There are also the costs of garbage pickup, recycling or taking waste to the landfill. 

Do Take public transport or start a carpool. Fewer cars on the road mean less greenhouse gases and traffic congestion. You can take advantage of carpool lanes and shared fuel usage to save money and get to work faster.

Don’t Forget to check your tires. According to Pollution Probe, “If every Canadian motorist had properly inflated tires, 375,000 tonnes of CO2 would be prevented from entering the atmosphere.” That’s because under–inflated tires create drag and reduce your car’s fuel efficiency.


Do Learn about the small changes you can make to help the environment. Try using P&G Future Friendly products such as Tide Coldwater – aproduct you know and trust, and that can help you reduce your energy use.

Don’t Overuse your products. Many cleaning products are available in concentrated forms so that you can use less for the same results. Be sure to read product labels for recommended use.


Do Recycle and compost. Be sure to check your local municipal recycling guidelines because different cities may or may not recycle certain items.

Don’t Buy Styrofoam products or overstuff your garbage can. Recycling and composting leftover food and paper products will help reduce garbage build-up, and ultimately the greenhouse gases emitted from landfills.


More information on the simple steps you can take to save energy can be found online at NC

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